Dine in the Land of the Khmers Part 1

CAMBODIA. This ancient kingdom in Southeast Asia reached the peak of its power in the 11th century when it ruled the whole Mekong River valley from its capital at Angkor. My friends and I were amazed of the ancient grandeur of the Khmer empire when we had a chance to go there. Part of the trip was to taste Khmer food but...

Khao pad à la Khmer
Cha manao à la Khmer (tea with lime)

...on our way to Siem Reap, we were so hungry and asked our driver to stop by a restaurant near the road. We ended up having a Cambodian version of khao pad (Thai fried rice). It proved that we were not that adventurous yet when it came to food! Thai food was more familiar

Then instead of Khmer-style breakfasts, we had Western-style breakfasts at our guest house in Siem Reap and they were free! But who would miss tasting an authentic Khmer dish? We were able to taste it at last when we decided to explore the Old Market and the nearby Pub Street.

A Western-style breakfast in Cambodia

Waiting for our food outside a restaurant in Pub Street