Délicieux Breakfast at Stay

Breakfast with great reviews is important to me when looking for a hotel to book in Thailand. Next is its overall cleanliness and location. Is it in a safe neighborhood? Is it easy to get a taxi or does it allow parking? Does it have a swimming pool, or are stores like 7-Eleven and good restaurants nearby?

At the end of March 2023,  we decided to stay one night in Bangkok before our flight to New York and then another one night after our flight from Manila to Bangkok. We have been to the city several times, but I wanted a new place to stay. We were not there to shop so there was no need to be very near shopping malls. I patiently read reviews online on Agoda, from one star to five stars.

Most reviews I read about Stay Hotel were really good particularly its free breakfast so I chose it. The option of paying at the hotel was a plus because we had to arrive so early in the morning. We wanted to make sure first that we would be allowed to check in early. We were able to! We paid more, but it was okay.
Breakfast at Délicieux, Stay Hotel's restaurant, was served buffet style. A staff asked first the room number to verify. Then we were asked how the egg would be cooked and it was served separately. There was no need to pay extra money if the hotel booking included free breakfast. It was also totally fine not to order one. There was a wide variety of delicious dishes. Water and different juices, yogurt, coffee, and tea were provided. The coffee was made by a machine. 
Délicieux was spacious enough for guests to enjoy their breakfast. Most of those I saw having breakfast with us were families with children and young couples.