di Bosco in Mae Rim

When travel inside the kingdom was allowed in June 2020, we did a family road trip to Chiang Mai. Travel was approximately 10 hours, but we stopped for one night in Phitsanulok. Inter-provincial travel was encouraged by the government to boost local tourism. However, it was still in the middle of covid-19 pandemic so most business establishments had just reopened. 

It was not our first time in the north. We did a motorcycle trip four years before that and visited more places. Such a thing was possible without a child. I also first visited Chiang Mai in 2014. Meanwhile, pastry and coffee shops were our usual stopovers while on the road.

While trying to find places to visit, we often passed by this rustic-style coffee shop in the district of Mae Rim. The place was named after a saint and was called di Bosco coffee specialist. One day, we finally decided to stop by and give it a try.

The place was quite unique from other coffee shops in Thailand with its high ceiling and spacious interiors as well as interesting coffee presentation. They were a bit pricey, but both coffee and brownie were good. I do recommend a visit if you want to learn more about coffee and if you happen to be in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.