A Taste of PH in NYC

I only know one Filipino restaurant in Bangkok. I ate there once. There are fewer Filipinos in Thailand compared to other countries like the US. When we went to New York last spring, one of the things I wanted to do was eat Filipino food. Good thing I was able to contact a mentor in my early teens who also happened to be a relative. We met at Grand Central Terminal. She was so kind and generous. She brought me to Rosario's Ihawan in Woodside, NY. Guess what! Yes, she paid for everything we ordered.

The kare-kare (a Philippine stew with thick savory peanut sauce) was really delicious as well as the ginataang kalabasa at sitaw (long beans with squash in coconut milk). The latter was paired with bagoong (a paste made from fermented small fish or shrimps). We also had BBQ with atchara (pickled grated unripe papaya with grated carrot). I forgot I was trying to lose weight!

We were not able to finish the kare-kare and ginataang kalabasa at sitaw. Ate (a Filipino word used to address an older sister, female relative or friend) told me to bring them to my in-laws. For dessert, we both had the popular Filipino dessert halo-halo. I never had one for a long time. I was so happy.

We stopped by Red Ribbon bakeshop before I went back to Grand Central. I was thrilled to see a branch in NYC. I wish they have at least one in Bangkok.