The Quart Ruamrudee Breakfast Experience

If you have been following my posts, you may have noticed that I write about my breakfast experience in a hotel. Please know that before I book hotels, I tirelessly read reviews (most recent, most relevant, high to low ratings, and low to high ratings). The first thing I consider are the reviews of previous guests about the free breakfast. When I decide to include in my booking a free breakfast (if available), it is important to at least have an idea beforehand of what to expect. 

How do I know what hotels to book? I find them through search engines, social media, or hotel booking websites. A few times I also hear good hotel suggestions from someone I know. I do not book immediately but look for the best deals first. Considering the location is a must especially if we have an appointment nearby.

When we had an appointment last year at the US embassy in Bangkok, we needed to stay in Wireless Road. Hotels in this area were quite expensive. It was great to find one that was within our accommodation budget. Quart Ruamrudee was near the embassy. There was no need to ride a taxi. We just walked from the hotel.

The room we booked came with a free breakfast and we did not have to pay more for our young daughter. It was not a big room but enough for a family of three. The hotel had all the amenities we needed including a gym and a rooftop pool.

Free breakfast was served in a very spacious restaurant not far from the main hotel lobby. It was in buffet style and there were different food choices. Food was delicious. I loved everything. Guests could choose either Thai or Western food.