From the Barrio to the Beach in Koh Chang

A day after our last day of work, we packed our bags and drove for eight hours to Centerpoint pier in Trat to catch the ferry to Koh Chang just before sunset. With us on this trip was another couple with an almost 2-year-old daughter. 

We arrived in Klong Prao Resort before 6:30 PM. After checking in and putting luggage in our rooms, we drove to Kai Bae to eat at Barrio Bonito. It was not that far from Klong Prao Resort. It only took us about eleven minutes to drive there. We were glad we did because their food was to our liking. 

The only thing that was kind of difficult was finding a place to park the car. There was no problem for motorbikes. Please take note of this if you bring a car to the island.

Meanwhile, breakfast was included when we booked the room. The following day, we had breakfast at Rim Had restaurant for free. It was so near the beach.

Breakfast was between 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. It was buffet style. We ate at Rim Had twice and I had rice for breakfast twice too. Forget about low carb diet!

The food was really good. We were able to choose from Thai to Western dishes. On our second day, they put tables on the beach where people can sit and eat.