Bagels anyone?

I had the chance to visit New York last spring with my husband and baby daughter. One of the things we did was finding a good bagel shop in NYC.

The weather was still very cold. After walking from Central Park Reservoir to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, I was craving hot chocolate. My husband said a delicious bagel would be perfect too. We ended up having fresh poppy seed bagels with vegetable cream cheese with scallions, carrots, green pepper, red pepper, and celery at Tal Bagels in the Upper East Side. I loved it!

We went there twice. The second time was with a lovely young couple from South Carolina (my mother's first cousin and her husband). It was raining in Manhattan and we stopped by before going to The Met again. I ordered the same poppy seed bagel. We were in NYC to watch Wicked on Broadway that night. The musical was a wedding anniversary gift from my mother-in-law.