Fundacion Pacita's Café du Tukon

We flew from Bangkok to Manila on the first week of April 2019. We stayed overnight in Newport City and flew early the next day to Basco, Batanes. It was our first time in the northernmost part of the Philippines. I was planning it for years even before I got married and had a baby. I was excited to finally visit Batanes. It was extra special because my own family was with me on this trip.

Since we stayed at Fundacion Pacita for two nights, we ate most of the time in Caf
é du Tukon. We tried grilled chicken pesto panini with wakay (shoestring fries) on our first day. The food was quite expensive but it was good plus the view was really amazing. Dining inside allowed us to see Mount Iraya and the grazing cows on the rolling hills. Meanwhile, we enjoyed the garden, sea, and scenic cliffs outside. As Fundacion's guests, we had free ryagen (breakfast) in the morning. We also had free tea, coffee, and pastries in the afternoon. Be sure to take note of the time so you would not miss these yummy freebies. 

The restaurant supports local farmers and fisherfolk. Most of the ingredients are locally grown and produced. Meat is from organically raised cattle. Farm-to-table is good because it helps the local economy and offers diners fresh food.

If you love art, you would love this place. The restaurant showcases the work of Pacita Abad and local Ivatan artists. Galerie du Tulaan is also located below Café du Tukon. It is a small art gallery promoting local art, culture, and history.