Breakfast in Railay Beach

If there is one place I want to visit in Thailand again, it's Krabi! It took me almost 12 years to finally do it. This time I made sure to stay in Railay for a few days.

I spent several weeks researching where to stay in Railay Beach. Like what I wrote previously, I do not mind reading reviews of other guests, although there is really no such thing as a perfect place. Some like it and some don't. At the end of the day, the location matters plus the free breakfast option. A place with a swimming pool is also a thing to consider because the little one always asks for it.

Finally, I decided which one and booked it more than two weeks before our trip to South Thailand. I chose Sand Sea Resort not only because it matched most of my aforementioned criteria, but it also had a better deal on Agoda so why not, right?

The cottage I booked was easily accessible from both Railay West and Railay East. It was near the beach and the hotel's restaurant. There were three pools and two were near our cottage to the delight of the little one who loved to swim every day.

Breakfast was buffet-style, which I liked. I could choose the food I liked to eat and get as much as I wanted but still being mindful of other guests as well. It was not completely self-service because dishes like egg omelets were made to order.

The view while eating was amazing. The food was tasty. Like in most Thai hotels, food choices were Thai and Western. Glad to have rice porridge in the morning!