Fiery Style in Newport City

We stayed again in Newport City, Pasay after our trip to Batanes. The hotel was walking distance to Runway Manila. There were stores nearby and McDonald's. It was convenient but we opted to skip fast food for dinner and wanted Mexican food. Hubby was able to find one online in Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila.

The hotel was also within walking distance of Newport Mall. Glad I insisted on bringing a stroller for our little girl because we did a lot of walking to find the Mexican restaurant. It was located on the 2nd floor. Once we reached Fiery Style, we were greeted "hola!" by the staff. The place was almost full that night. We were quickly led to the only empty table on the left and were given a menu to choose from.

After we ordered, we had to wait for several minutes before our food was ready to serve. Hubby's food was the first to arrive. While waiting for mine, I brought our little girl to a spot where she can run more freely. She had fun exploring the place. We went back after hubby was done eating his burrito and it was my turn to eat.

I was hungry and was so happy to see my cheesy quesadilla. I thought the portion was big for me at first, but I was able to finish everything. It was good.