Food Scene in Ao Nang

It took me a long time to decide where to stay in Ao Nang after I canceled a booking. I thought that staying in Railay for a few days would be better than being in Ao Nang for a week. It was a good decision because we had fun in Railay.

Finally, I was able to find a place to stay for the rest of our time in Krabi. The reviews were mixed, but it checked all the boxes and I got a good deal on Agoda just like in Railay. I did wait for quite some time. Patience proved to be a virtue. Our room was facing the limestone cliffs. The view every day made me thankful for booking it. The rainy season was not over yet. There were times when a blanket of fog covered the cliffs and it felt like we were on the top of a mountain. 

Unlike in the resort in Railay, the hotel had only one outdoor pool for adults and a smaller pool for kids next to it. Nonetheless, our little one was not bothered even in moments when it became a bit crowded. She had fun swimming every day. There was free breakfast every morning in the restaurant next to the pool. Food was a mixture of Thai, Indian, and Western. We opted not to, but it was also possible to order breakfast in a basket on the pool and enjoy the view of the cliffs.

Centra by Centara Phu Pano was not near Ao Nang Beach but also not too far. We realized this after hiring a ride one time. We decided to walk on our way back and we discovered several restaurants offering different food choices along the way.

We ate twice in a restaurant very near the hotel and once in a smaller one not that far away as well. On our last night, we walked much further and chose an outdoor restaurant near a mosque. We also tried delicious southern Thai desserts.