A Simple Dish

My father cooks so well that I'm not very confident to cook at home. The first time I cooked a "real" meal  (not fried fish, instant noodles, corned beef, hotdog and scrambled egg) for others was during my cooking class in high school. I also had to cook for my housemates during my stay in a training apartment before. I'm not that good but I love to eat and I love what I'm eating.I think you know what I mean.

I forgot to buy olive oil so I just used butter (I loved the smell!) to sauté the spices. It was not done by a master chef but I definitely had fun making and eating it.

Dry noodles with pickled cabbage
I'm fond of "orange" - Chinese oranges and carrots (the color!).  :P

A simple way to make pickled cabbage:

1. Cook one head of shredded cabbage until tender or put it in a large bowl of very hot water.

2. Drain well.

3. Boil water and mix with other ingredients (sugar, vinegar, chili pepper, and salt). Turmeric is optional. Taste the mixture and if it suits your palate, then pour everything over the cabbage. Store it properly.