Food Galore: Palm Court

I don't eat a lot if I'm alone but I do if I'm with friends. These food trips are worth our time and money. We don't splurge. Foods in this part of the world are delicious but not expensive. I don't know though when will be the next food trip because we'll go our separate ways soon. It's sad but that's life. 

carbs alert: boiled rice & sliced potatoes on the same plate 
 my friend's favorite soup (yeah it's a soup!!)
the yummiest chicken ever + beef steak + potatoes
a yummy salad treat
cute lil' flowers!
fruity and leafy!
grapes + the yummiest roti 
the forbidden ice cream

Palm Court is only open from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM daily. My friends and I are usually the last ones to leave.