Feed Your Skin

Yes. While writing this I have a 'honey mask' on my face. Before typing, I sipped little honey too. Honey is good for the body, but like other stuff, we should not consume more than what we need. I remember watching one episode of The Return of the Condor Heroes when the poison from the beautiful martial arts master disappeared by drinking the honey of wild bees and eating fish. She was able to survive because of that. TV series or not, honey has healing properties. I am referring to raw honey. 

I don't apply masks every day and since most nice brands are expensive, I use things that are found in the kitchen. Egg white can also be used as a mask. I'm not kidding.

good but quite costly

Aside from the mask, we can use honey with cucumber juice as a toner. It smells good too. Believe me, I'm lazy to do these things, but since I have sensitive skin I need to do it when I sleep late often. 

natural honey

Another thing to do is splash your tired face with milk after you cleanse it with your favorite cleanser. 

got this for free

On the other hand, continue to enjoy the weekend. I need to sleep earlier than usual.