That Place Near the Khlong

Glad a friend and colleague recommended it to us after the burger place we used to frequent closed. It is a family-run restaurant not too far from where we work. They have other stuff on their menu aside from burgers. Their salmon steak is a personal favorite. Do not miss their delicious pork chop too.

Their burger buns are tasty and they are homemade. Hubby loves burgers. There are several burgers to choose from like JR pork, cheese pork, BBQ chicken, curry pork, tuna, salmon, and satay pork. Definitely, not my best shot but below is a cheese pork burger. 

Meanwhile, I am trying to refrain from eating sweets these days but I could not resist tasting their homemade chocolate ice cream. Other flavors include vanilla, strawberry, green tea, custard, and toffee. They have recently updated their menu too. They now have carbonara, spaghetti, spaghetti chili and salad, duck and waffle, spicy vermicelli salad, Thai stir-fried pork/chicken and basil, Tonkatsu curry rice, and Korean pork style and rice. Visit their facebook page for updates.