What is my baby eating?

Hearing her cry for the first time made me cry as well. She is our bundle of joy. Sleepless nights are worth it seeing her smile and hearing her laughter. Unfortunately, we had to give her formula too because my milk was not enough even after I tried everything to help increase production.

When she turned 6 months old, her paternal grandparents fed her banana purée and rice cereal when we visited them in the US. She loved it. They also gave her baby food in jars (those things are expensive in Thailand!). Her favorites were apple and sweet potato by Beech-nut. When we went back to Thailand, I tried making different homemade baby food like carrot purée, carrot + banana purée, squash purée, squash + banana purée, and avocado + banana purée. She loved them! 

She is still eating banana purée mixed with rice cereal until now. It is easy to make. She also likes cucumbers and potatoes. However, she does not like the brown rice porridge with banana from Tops so we try our best to give her homemade baby food no matter how busy we are.