My daughter's DIY first birthday!

Just like our beach wedding, the first birthday of our little girl was do-it-yourself. I have always loved baking and decorating. Mama used to decorate wedding venues and reception halls with other people. I thought it was cool.

We drove to Central Khon Kaen one weekend. While waiting for dear hubby, I found a DIY store on the 5th floor. I only planned to bake a cake but after seeing cute birthday party materials, I thought a DIY party would be more fun. I started decorating after work a day before her birthday. Dear hubby helped with the balloons. I wanted it to be fun, simple, cute, and colorful.

We still needed to report for work so we had no time to cook any dish except small hotdogs with marshmallows (others may find it odd but it is common during Filipino children's parties). We ordered pizza and BBQ chicken wings too before the party. However, I did bake the night before. I made three different cakes for my baby. At first I thought of making a three-layered cake but later scrapped the idea. I spent the whole night baking and decorating. It was fun!