Is Losing Weight Easy?

The answer is both yes and no. There are many factors in losing weight. It also depends on the person. Others have an easier and faster time while others don't. Personally, I did not have a hard time losing weight before I got pregnant.

However, I had a hard time losing the extra kilos I gained during pregnancy after giving birth. Believe it or not, I gained around 27 kilograms and it took me a long time to lose 20 kilograms. I ate what I wanted to eat. 

What really pushed me to try losing weight was the fact that I could not fit into my old clothes before and had to buy new ones. I did not want to buy more so I needed to be slimmer again.

However, it was not easy because I was into cooking and baking (I still do although not as often as before). I loved eating my cakes, muffins, flans, and more. I tend to consume more boiled or fried rice too when I ate home. I knew my calorie intake was higher than I was supposed to especially since I was not that active. I used to walk a lot but that stopped. I had to do something to be fitter.

I started eating less, but it did not really help much. I then did some research and read articles about how hormonal imbalance can cause weight-loss resistance. I started to be mindful more of what I ate to have a hormone-balancing diet - rich in fiber and good fats but low in sugar. In my case, losing weight was gradual (and I am still trying to lose more, to be honest). I did not put pressure on myself.

Aside from planning what I eat, I also plan when I eat. I do intermittent fasting and let my mind relax during quiet time. I also do regular metabolic workouts. Truth be told, stress can slow down metabolism and hinder weight loss. It is important to avoid feeling stressed out which can result in high levels of cortisol. We need to be mindful and be able to identify stress symptoms and their causes.